The 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering (ICAICE2021)
Assoc. Prof. Yi Gao

Assoc. Prof. Yi Gao


Assoc. Prof. Yi Gao

Zhejiang University, China

Research Fields: IOT, Network measurement, Wireless and mobile computing, Intelligent search calculation, Boundary calculation

Speech Title: LinkLab: A multi-tenant IoT testbed for experimentation with edge-cloud integration

With the proliferation of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and edge computing paradigms in recent years, most modern IoT systems are deeply integrated with edge devices and cloud platforms. Nevertheless, there lacks a fully programmable testbed that integrates the huge number of IoT nodes and highly heterogeneous computing platforms in the edge and the cloud. In this talk, I will present LinkLab, an IoT testbed with the support of edge devices and cloud infrastructures. To be more specific, LinkLab leverages a container-based multi-layer architecture for the programmable devices and the management system to achieve scalability and multi-tenancy.


Yi GAO is currently an associate professor at the College of Computer Science, Zhejiang University, China. He received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Zhejiang University in 2009 and 2014, respectively. His research interests include the Internet of Things, wireless and mobile computing, sensor networks, and edge computing.